USANA Probiotic can keep your tummy calm

Occasional mild gas, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea can all be embarrassing and uncomfortable. You can help reduce the chance of physical discomfort by creating an ideal environment for healthy digestion with USANA Probiotic. (If you often have concerns with digestive issues, please talk to your doctor.)*

By maintaining a balanced digestive system, USANA Probiotic helps keep things moving. It has benefits for bowel regularity. It aids consistent waste elimination from the body through the regular passing of stool and normalization of stool consistency. It can also help maintain digestive health and comfort while traveling.*

Occasional stress—from travel, hectic schedules, or other lifestyle disruptions—can also take a toll on your digestion and cause minor GI upsets.

To help ward off any unpleasant side effects during stressful times, make supplements like USANA Probiotic part of your self-care. Taking vitamins and minerals, probiotics, and magnesium supplements for one month has been shown to help reduce levels of psychological stress and fatigue and improve feelings of well-being. A study in marathon runners also found that three months of probiotic supplementation was supportive in restoring normal GI function after race day.*


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