CoQuinone 30 help support some aspects of sperm quality.

Men’s fertility is a complex process that involves many factors, including nutrition, lifestyle, and genetics. But CoQuinone 30 may help support some aspects of sperm quality.*

Cellular energy production is one essential component for powering sperm movement. In fact, measuring ATP levels in men’s sperm has been used as an overall indicator of sperm motility—or how efficiently it can move. Therefore, maintaining adequate ATP production could help support normal sperm function. And supplementing with 150 mg daily has been linked to support for healthy sperm concentration and motility.*

Antioxidants may also help protect the integrity of normal sperm structure. The impact of CoQ10 supplementation on sperm quality has been studied. And after three months of 200 mg of CoQ10 daily, levels of naturally protective antioxidants in sperm were higher. And there were positive associations with normal sperm structure.*

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