How Does Hepasil DTX Affect Cell Signaling?

Hepasil DTX contains a unique blend of ingredients that optimize cell-signaling pathways tied with glutathione production. This process both supports the body’s antioxidant and natural detoxification capacity by increasing plasma glutathione and vitamin C levels.


USANA’s in-house scientists have conducted a double-blind controlled study to test the effectiveness of Hepasil DTX.

The study’s results showed that both circulating glutathione and vitamin C levels increased following treatments with Hepasil DTX. To our knowledge, this is the first time a combination of essential nutrients and phytochemicals have been shown to increase both plasma vitamin C and glutathione levels simultaneously. The results also showed that the recommended dosage of Hepasil DTX is able to boost both glutathione and vitamin C levels—essential molecules for antioxidant defense and to support the natural detoxification pathways and process.

The study looked at whole blood glutathione (GSH) and vitamin C levels.  The purpose was to assess the effectiveness of Hepasil DTX in increasing both GSH and vitamin C levels. Results showed that Hepasil DTX significantly increased plasma GSH just eight hours after supplementation during the Acute-on-Chronic Phase. It also increased plasma vitamin C levels as soon as two hours following the first treatment, and this was maintained during the entire Acute Phase.

To show the observed increases in glutathione and vitamin C translate into a clinical benefit, USANA scientists went on to determine the antioxidant capacity of each subject’s blood. They utilized the serum antioxidant reserve (SAR) assay developed by USANA Health Sciences to find that subjects that supplemented with Hepasil DTX were significantly more resistant to oxidative damage than subjects given the placebo.

This proprietary combination of essential nutrients and broccoli extract, milk thistle, and alpha-lipoic acid increases plasma vitamin C and glutathione levels simultaneously, and turns on the molecular machinery needed to utilize glutathione in the detoxification reactions. It also significantly increases the overall capacity of the blood to protect against oxidative insult.

Together, these results show that taking the recommended dose of Hepasil DTX increased antioxidant capacities and the body’s natural detoxification capacities by boosting glutathione and vitamin C levels.*



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