MagneCal D

MagneCal D – A balanced magnesium and calcium supplement fortified with vitamin D.


112 Tablets/Bottle

The USANA Difference

Your bones are the foundation of your healthy lifestyle. Support them with our perfectly balanced MagneCal D™. The secret is equal amounts of magnesium and calcium plus advanced levels of vitamin D. This supports a more ideal ratio of these nutrients in your body. The benefits of MagneCal D go beyond bone health. It also supports your heart, muscles, healthy energy metabolism, and more.*

Health Benefits

  • Provides balanced levels of calcium and magnesium, along with advanced levels of vitamin D in truly bioavailable forms
  • Helps maintain strong, healthy bones, teeth, and nails*
  • Supports healthy muscle function and strength*

USANA® MagneCal D™

Build a strong foundation for your active life with a carefully balanced bone-building supplement.*

Make no bones about it, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D are all vital to your everyday health. The good news is that dietary surveys show most people are generally consuming more calcium now than in recent decades. The bad news? Overall calcium consumption is still falling a bit short of optimal dietary amounts. And the majority of people fall quite far below adequate intakes of magnesium or vitamin D.*

By consuming more calcium than magnesium, you may have an imbalance that, according to researchers, could negatively impact your long-term health. The Center for Magnesium Education and Researchrecommends something close to a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium per day.

Vitamin D is another nutrient that continues to show benefits up to as much as 125 mcg per day. And it has repeatedly been shown that calcium is most beneficial when taken with vitamin D and magnesium.*

Long story, short: you probably need more magnesium and vitamin D than you’re already getting. But not necessarily a lot more calcium.*

Fortunately, supplementing these key nutrients is easy. And, it’s one of the best ways to reach more ideal levels. USANA® MagneCal D™ offers a 1:1 ratio of magnesium and calcium. Plus you get advanced levels of vitamin D for a better balance that matches today’s dietary needs. It can help you maintain many aspects of good health.* Here are just a few:

  • Strong, mineral-rich bones and teeth*
  • Healthy muscle and nerve function*
  • Energy metabolism*
  • Cardiovascular health*

The kosher formula is an excellent complement to the USANA® CellSentials™. Together, they will help give you optimal amounts of nutrients with excellent absorption and maximum effectiveness.*


Calcium and magnesium are important for many different physiological processes that keep you healthy. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body. And while there isn’t as much magnesium, it’s certainly no less important. Magnesium is vital for your health. It’s required to activate more than 300 enzyme reactions. Some of these reactions include helping your body make things, like protein, DNA, RNA, and glutathione.*

The majority of calcium and magnesium in your body is stored in your skeleton. In fact, 99 percent of calcium is found in your teeth and bones. About 60 percent of magnesium is stored there. The remaining calcium and magnesium reside in your tissues and bloodstream.*

The levels of calcium and magnesium in your bloodstream are tightly regulated by the body. Calcium and magnesium are pulled from your bones when needed to maintain steady levels. This process is called “resorption,” and it means your body is re-absorbing those minerals. It’s also a key part of the normal bone remodeling process, in which your body breaks down and reforms new bone.*

This remodeling process requires sufficient amounts of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D to be available from the diet to help reform the bones properly. These nutrients all work together—along with other elements like phosphorus, silicon, and boron—to ensure proper calcium utilization and absorption.

Magnesium is also a cofactor that helps the body use vitamin D. So, if you don’t have enough calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D available from your diet, your blood- and bone-mineral levels may be negatively affected.*

If you don’t eat much dairy, leafy green vegetables, nuts, or fortified foods you may not get enough calcium, magnesium, or vitamin D. Drinking coffee, soda, or alcohol may further deplete your magnesium levels. And if you regularly wear sunscreen or stay out of the sun, you very likely need more vitamin D.*

MagneCal D helps boost your dietary intakes to help build up your bone stores of calcium and magnesium. MagneCal D contains blends of these essential minerals in citrate and carbonate forms. Together, these blends absorb well and may be gentler on your digestive system.

Added vitamin D helps ensure your body can use the calcium most effectively. This is in addition to the essential vitamin’s many benefits for cellular function and whole body health. MagneCal D uses vitamin D3 from cholecalciferol—the same form of vitamin D that’s naturally made in the body. *

MagneCal D also contains silicon and boron. Silicon is found in active growth areas where it’s thought to promote bone growth and hasten mineralization. The mineral also gives stability to connective tissues. Boron may play a role in bone maintenance by reducing calcium excretion and increasing deposition of calcium in the bone.*

You can support brain health with a quality multivitamin like the CellSentials, which will help ensure you get a full range of essential nutrients. MagneCal D also helps you avoid deficiency of two nutrients shown to be helpful for maintaining a balanced mood—magnesium and vitamin D. Both support healthy functions in the brain:*

  • Magnesium helps support healthy neuronal function. Neurons send and receive chemical and electrical signals via messengers called neurotransmitters. Maintaining normal function of this process is vital for healthy brain activity and mood.*
  • Vitamin D receptors are extensive in brain tissue. The D3 form has been shown to be neuroprotective. Supplementation of at least 600 IU of the sunshine vitamin per day (also in combination with vitamin A) has suggested benefits in perceptions of well-being.*

Key Ingredients


Adults take two (2) tablets twice daily, preferably with food.

Ideal For

  • All healthy adults over 18
  • Certified Kosher (U.S. formula)