How Does Hepasil DTX Affect Cell Signaling?

Hepasil DTX
Hepasil DTX contains a unique blend of ingredients that optimize cell-signaling pathways tied with glutathione production. This process both supports the body’s antioxidant and natural detoxification capacity by increasing plasma glutathione and vitamin C levels. Study USANA’s in-house scientists have conducted a double-blind controlled study to test the effectiveness of Hepasil DTX. The study’s results showed that both circulating glutathione and vitamin C levels increased following treatments with Hepasil DTX. To our knowledge, this is the first time a combination of essential nutrients and phytochemicals have been shown to increase both plasma vitamin C and glutathione levels simultaneously. The results also showed that the recommended dosage of Hepasil DTX is able to boost both glutathione and vitamin C levels—essential molecules for antioxidant defense and to support the natural detoxification pathways and process. The study looked…
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